Knowledge for Development

A framework for assessing effects of the food system


Date: 10/03/2015


The framework for assessing effects of the food system has developed an analytical tool for assessing effects associated with the ways in which food is grown, processed, distributed, marketed, retailed and consumed. The framework allows users to recognize effects across the full food system, consider all domains and dimensions of effects, account for systems dynamics and complexities, and choose appropriate methods for analysis. This report provides examples of applications of the framework based on complex questions that are currently under debate: consumption of a healthy and safe diet, food security, animal welfare and preserving the environment and its resources. Although the framework has been designed and tested for the US, the methodology could be applied in developing countries and become an essential resource for decision makers, researchers and others to examine the possible impacts of alternative policies or agricultural or food processing practices. (NAP, 01/2015)

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